PLB Construction has been the main contractor in the Design and Build of over 1000 pre-built bathrooms, our latest contract being a 420 unit complex, consisting of 2, 18 storey towers designed for student accommodation.

PLB Construction has the knowledge and manufacturing facilities to build completed bathrooms, which are then wrapped in polythene, transported to site and craned into place, complete with all finishings in place.

The construction industry has long been aware bathrooms are expensive to construct on-site; often being the cause of delays and requiring extensive quality control and security measures.

With the ability to deliver design compliant, ready to install units; be it micro accommodation for student living, apartment complexes, through to luxury hotel bathrooms, our clients receive a quality, cost effective unit, completed on time, reducing on site damage, theft and building work and increasing the satisfaction of a job well done.

PLB Construction- Factory Built Bathrooms

  • Cost Effective
  • Reduced On-site Construction time
  • Waste and Damage Reduced
  • Quality Control Increased


From drawing board, through to completion, with a reputation
you can trust, we build homes and relationships that last a lifetime.
Philip Leather